Our Response To COVID-19 To Help Teachers

Due to school closings across America, we at The Healthy Teacher decided to create 10 days of FREE activities that you may use to support PE classes or to challenge your students to live a healthier lifestyle.

Access these recourses by clicking "The Healthy Student" below

Who is this for?

Educators and school staff.

What is the point?

  • We have worked with educators for over 7 years, noticing high rates of chronic anxiety and stress 

  • As a result of exercise and nutrition, our clients reduced their anxiety medication-with high numbers coming off completely.

  • From previous work in Education, we know the challenges of being an educator

  • We, also, know how to combat every single one

The Healthy Teacher aims to improve the physical, mental and emotional health of every teacher in America. We strive to empower teachers with skills, knowledge and resources, while educating them in how to implement these tools into their everyday lives. Our hearts are for teachers to know their worth and value.

Welcome to the Healthy Teacher!

Combat Plan

Time Crunch?

We got you with 30min workouts.

Still in Time Crunch?

We offer at home or in gym workouts.

Struggle With Food?

You will get an individualized nutrition plan.

Done it and Didn’t work, sista!

We got you, again, this isn’t any old diet plan. We will teach you how to manage calories and make decisions that will benefit your life forever.

I Need More!

We will have weekly challenges where you can earn points, check your friends points and get competitive. We will have weekly informational videos, live question and answer, an exercise database and (with your principals help) awesome incentives…. think, FREE JEAN DAY!


  • All of this will be served to you on the silver platter we call a “Members only Website”

  • No digging through emails

  • No searching for hours from link to link

  • Nope-You will be one click away to finding all this information and more.

Contact Us

Email us at lauren@thehealthyteacher.com